Product Range

Medical Supplies


ISHVAN is engaged in the distribution and supply of Medical equipment and consumables to various markets globally and regionally. Our key supply markets include the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Africa and India. We supply products to both Federal & National Health requirements and private buyers such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories and distributors.

ISHVAN is an independent supplier of medical devices, hospital furniture, re-usable & single-use medical supplies & consumables to health organizations globally.


ISHVAN has been heavily engaged in the supply of consumables such as Nitrile Gloves, Masks and PPE Kits.

We are engaged in the supply of various products that include examination items, laboratory materials, Pre-Analytical products such as Blood Collection tubes, Transfer Media, Petridishes, Gloves (including Latex, Nitrile and Surgical Gloves), Surgical Kits, PPE Kits, Masks (including 3 Ply, N95, KN 95 and 3M 8201 & 1860 from various manufacturers) and Viral Transport Medium kits.


Supply of Gloves: Currently there is a global shortage of Nitrile Gloves. ISHVAN has established direct access to various manufacturers and wholesale distributors located in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. ISHVAN has been supplying these products successfully to various customers across the US, UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. ISHVAN is currently fulfilling an order for a specific client who requires 50 million boxes of Gloves and Masks for the UK and the US markets.

Strict Quality Compliance: ISHVAN ensures all gloves meet the most stringent quality requirements accepted globally such as EN 93/42/EEC, 2016/425, EN 455 standards, and EN 374. Our products are US FDA, CE and ASTM Compliant.

Supply of other products: ISHVAN is also supplying disinfection products such as sanitisers, 3-Ply masks, N95 masks, NIOSH Masks, 3M masks (8210 and 1860) and KN 95 masks. We also supply PPE kits for doctors and medical workers (which include medical coverall gowns, 3-ply masks, gloves, and goggles), bed pans, face shields, isolation gowns, ventilators and humidifiers.


ISHVAN initially focused its efforts on entering into Joint Venture agreements with various companies and institutes around the world to localise and produce crucial, life-saving vaccines in its target markets. ISHVAN has successfully arranged smooth transfer of technology between various Indian drug manufacturers and clients in its target markets and are prepared to cooperate with reputed manufacturers looking for reliable FDA approved technologies for license production or Transfer of Technology.

ISHVAN has entered into agreements with prominent Global pharmaceutical companies to obtain technology required for manufacturing and development of drug substances (API) and finished drugs (FDF). Some of the companies with whom ISHVAN has exclusive agreements for selected territories include prominent names like Serum Institute of India and Zydus Cadila among others. ISHVAN has also acquired MA’s (Market Authorization) from existing players in certain target markets.

Projects under development: One of our projects includes a Rotavirus and Varicella vaccine, which is planned to be manufactured, after initial distribution arrangements, following yearlong successful rounds of trials. Following a rigorous but fruitful first phase of clinical testing in the target market our Rotavirus Vaccine has been given the green light by their Health Ministry to distribute the vaccine initially and start full-scale local production by 2023 in our target market. In addition to Rotavirus and Varicella, ISHVAN is also working on offering Hepatitis, HIV and TB vaccines.